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Purchasing a pro leather motorcycle racing suit is a great investment for a motorcyclist. It serves as protective gear regardless of the weather condition. It keeps you dry when it’s raining, cool when the weather’s hot and helps you stay warm when the weather’s cold.

In addition, a pro leather motorcycle racing suit can help you survive a crash. Therefore, all motorcyclists must get motorcycle safety gear or a full-body leather suit.

A racing suit can either come as a one-piece or two-piece. So, deciding on the type of racing suit that’s suitable for you depends on the nature of your bike rides. Professional riders buy a larger percentage of racing suits, and just a few people buy motorcycle suits to ride on the streets.

A racing suit such as the Onex USA Pro leather racing suit that’s properly built will help protect you from road rash, deep incisions, and braking of bones.

Here are the top 3 benefits of buying a pro leather motorcycle racing suit.

  • Protection

One of the top functions of the leather racing suit is to protect you while racing. The maximum speed the human body can tolerate is 25mph; even at that speed, crashing into a hard surface can be dangerous.

Therefore, you must equip yourself with protective gear if you exceed the designated speed.

  • Durability

Even though the pro leather motorcycle racing suit is more expensive than the textile racing suit, the durability of the two materials cannot be compared. The textile racing suit doesn’t have the strength to withstand crashes.

It starts ripping even to the mesh lining just after one crash. However, the leather racing suit is durable and can be worn again even when there are slight rips.

  • Ventilation

The weather isn’t always the same throughout the year. That’s why it’s only reasonable to invest in a useful motorcycle racing suit in both hot and cold weather.

Even though wearing leather suits during hot weather might seem like a bad idea, many of these suits have ventilation zippers at the front and back to aid easy air circulation and keep you cool.


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